“Maltodextrin” is a common filler found in all foods – from baby formula to peanut butter! Read more to find out its dangers, Maltodextrin side effects, and how it affects your health.

These days we all are getting more health conscious and are being more aware of what we are feeding our body. While no sugar, non GMO, and gluten free, are some things most of us are aware of, there are still many preservatives and chemicals added to foods which are more dangerous to us. We still have to understand what Maltodextrin is. 

In this video, Mihir, our co-founder, talks about “Maltodextrin”, a common filler ingredient, and about its dangers & maltodextrin’s side effects.

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide – a starchy substance found in powder form. It can be made from rice, wheat or potato, but is mainly made from corn, which are known to be genetically modified (GMO) and can have severe health effects. Maltodextrin has no nutritional value and there are numerous side effects associated with maltodextrin.

What Foods Contain Maltodextrin?

Now that we’ve learned what Maltodextrin is, we need to identify where it can be found. Maltodextrin is found in many food items – nut butters, pudding, pasta, soups, protein shakes, frozen foods, salad dressings, baked goods, sweets, health drinks and even baby formula.

Why is Maltodextrin Used?

Maltodextrin is usually used as a filler ingredient. It is added as a food additive as it improves the texture and hence the mouth feel of the powders.

What are its Associated Dangers and Maltodextrin Side Effects?

There are numerous side effects of Maltodextrin. It has a very high glycemic index (GI) which means it creates a massive spike in your blood sugar when consumed. The GI for normal sugar is 65 whereas the GI for maltodextrin 105 to 136, making it really dangerous to people who are prone to diabetes or who have diabetes.



Maltodextrin is also known to cause changes to the gut bacteria – it suppresses the growth of beneficial probiotics (good friendly bacteria) and is known to cause bacterial related intestinal disorders.

Since maltodextrin is usually made from GMO corn – it can cause harm to the body and its organs in the long run. Also due to its high GI, it can cause allergic reactions like bloating, skin irritations etc.

In conclusion, there are numerous maltodextrin side effects. It can be really dangerous to our bodies and hence we must always check the nutrition labels of the products we consume to make sure we are staying away from such ingredients, avoiding Maltodextrin side effects, and eating what’s right.

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