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Does Your Favourite Pasta and Biscuits Contain This Dangerous Element?

How can foods have dangerous elements or compounds? Well, unfortunately the answer is not as straightforward as it might seem. ‘Maltodextrin’ is a common filler found in all foods – from your favourite pasta to biscuits! 

While we are trying to choose healthier foods and eat clean, it is extremely important to understand that not all foods marketed as ‘healthy’ are really ‘healthy’.  While no sugar, non GMO, and gluten free, are some things most of us are aware of, there are still many preservatives and chemicals added to foods that are dangerous to us. And Maltodextrin is one such element that tops the list. 

In this video, Mihir, our co-founder, talks about ‘Maltodextrin’, a common filler ingredient, its dangers and Maltodextrin’s side effects.

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide (a carbohydrate that has sugar molecules combined) – a starchy substance found in powder form. It can be made from rice, wheat or potato, but is mainly made from corn, which are known to be genetically modified (GMO). It is highly processed and undergoes multiple stages of treatments to reach the final powder form. Maltodextrin offers zero nutritional value and is added to many packaged foods to improve their shelf life along with their texture (mouth feel) and taste. 

What Maltodextrin is Used For

Maltodextrin is usually used as a filler ingredient. It is added as a food additive as it helps improve longevity of the product and also enhances mouth feel. It can also be used to improve the taste of the final product- in the most unhealthy manner. Maltodextrin in food can cause multiple health issues when consumed for long periods of time. 

What are Maltodextrin’s Side Effects

Maltodextrin is extremely unhealthy and can lead to various health issues. And consuming them daily in your diet may lead to various health issues. Read on to understand in-depth about the side effects of Maltodextrin. 

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Blood Sugar: Maltodextrin has a very high high glycemic index (GI) which means it creates a massive spike in your blood sugar when consumed. The GI for normal sugar is 65 whereas the GI for maltodextrin 105 to 136, making it really dangerous to people who are prone to diabetes or who have diabetes. Such spikes also trigger lethargy and may also lead to feeling hungry. 

Gut Health: Our gut contains healthy bacteria that support various functions like digestion, synthesizing nutrients etc. Without a healthy gut your body’s normal functions can be highly impaired. Maltodextrin is known to cause changes to these gut bacteria. Studies by NCBI*, state that Maltodextrin can cause intestinal inflammation. It may suppress the growth of beneficial bacteria and increase the number of unhealthy bacteria in the gut. This imbalance can cause various intestinal disorders including inflammatory conditions. 

Weight Gain: It is no surprise that an element, Maltodextrin, with no nutritional value and high GI may lead to weight gain. Eliminate maltodextrin completely from your diet to ensure better weight management. 

Allergic Reactions: Also due to its high GI, it can cause allergic reactions in the gastrointestinal system as well as your skin. Maltodextrin is known to cause issues like gas, bloating and sometimes even diarrhea. 


There are multiple health hazards caused by Maltodextrin. It is advisable to eliminate it completely from your diet. Read your food labels and make informed choices before purchasing any food item. 

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