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You might have heard that Vitamin E is associated with glowing skin and strong hair – and are wondering if it is true. Well it is! Vitamin E for skin is a powerful force (especially for the face), with numerous benefits for skin health and appearance. It can also help reduce inflammation, diminish pigmentation consistently, moisturise and hydrate your skin, and to give your skin a luminous glow. While it works well if you try out a Vitamin E capsule, topical Vitamin E for skin is rooted in clean, plant-based beauty and has long-lasting effects for your face.

Vitamin E for skin is an underrated and easy-to-achieve beauty routine. This routine contains highly efficacious Bioactive Vitamin E for skin, which has powerful antioxidant properties due to its high concentration. Applying Vitamin E for skin at night before bed allows it to fully absorb into the skin and ensures that its effects last longer. 

The OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E for skin routine

Vitamin E for skin

In picture: OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Gel Face Wash, OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Face Serum and the OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Night Gel.

These Vitamin E products are made from 100% clean, plant-based ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Sunflower and Almond, which are the most active natural sources of Vitamin E for skin. 

Check Out This Three-Step Routine to Deliver Vitamin E for Skin

This Vitamin E for skin routine can be done both as an AM and PM routine, but will have particularly useful rejuvenating effects if used at the end of the day, just before bedtime. Set aside around 20 minutes of your time for it.

  1. Wash and Rinse with OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Gel Face Wash 

This gentle gel-based cleanser helps wash away your impurities and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. In general, gel face washes have an edge over foam-based face washes due to their mild formula. The OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Gel Face Wash helps unclog your pores without drying out the skin. This cleanser with Vitamin E for skin also has exfoliating and pH balancing properties. 

Most importantly, the Vitamin E for skin in this face wash helps reduce the damaging effects of free radicals, which are stressors that can accelerate the process of skin ageing and lead to dullness. Use this face wash in just three steps! 

Step 1: Take a small amount of wet palm and work into a rich lather.

Step 2: Gently massage onto the face, avoiding the eye area.

Step 3: Rinse it off thoroughly.

2. Rejuvenate Your Skin with OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Face Serum 

In general, serums are known for their tightly concentrated ingredients that draw out greater effects. Follow up the Gel Face Wash with the OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Face Serum. This serum contains powerful Vitamin E for skin, absorbs easily into the skin and has a great variety of functions.

It has small molecules designed to penetrate, improve and nourish the skin. It helps moisturise and hydrate, thus giving your skin a fresher, healthier and younger-looking complexion. This face serum rich in Vitamin E for skin helps provide 122% More Antioxidant Activity to shield the skin from dullness and damage, and also works to give you a more even skin tone. 

In just three steps and 15 mins, feel the effect of this serum with Vitamin E for skin: 

Step 1: Take 3-4 drops of the serum.

Step 2: Gently pat onto a cleansed face.

Step 3: Wait till fully absorbed by skin.

3. Soften Your Pores at Night with OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Night Gel 

As a last step in the routine, apply OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Night Gel to the face and leave it on overnight. The body, being in a state of relaxation, allows the nutrients and Vitamin E to be freely absorbed into the skin, leaving effects that manifest into an even-toned complexion in the morning. It replenishes the skin’s moisture through long-lasting hydration, leaving it plump, healthy and fresh for the next day. 

This night gel with Vitamin E for skin removes excess oil in the skin and soothes it overnight, reducing inflammation. In just two steps, apply the night gel and go off to bed, knowing you’ve taken care of your skin for the next day: 

Step 1: Apply liberally twice a day to freshly cleansed skin, start from the neck and work your way up to the face.

Step 2: Massage in an upward motion until the cream gets completely absorbed into the skin.

What’s the Take on Vitamin E for skin 

Vitamin E is truly your skin’s best friend. Regular usage of Vitamin E for skin over 2 months (consistently applied 1-2 times a week at least) can leave your skin with a luminous glow and have additional benefits like strengthening and softening your hair. Bioactive Vitamin E for skin can lead to a surge in antioxidant activity in the skin (as much as up to 122%), help moisturise and hydrate the skin, and diminish pigmentation. 

This clean, plant-based beauty and skincare routine is suitable for all skin types, but especially works for oily and natural combination skin. Shop this Vitamin E for skin routine on the OZiva website or any other e-commerce platform, apply, sit back and watch the results. 

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