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What if we told you that Japanese Samurai warriors drank Apple Cider Vinegar for strength and power or that ancient Persians consumed a diluted version to prevent the accumulation of fat in their bodies? Unbelievable, right?! Yet this is believed to be absolutely true and is in fact just one of the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar! Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV has been in use for over a thousand years now, especially apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Yet there is very little research on how it truly impacts us. Let’s understand what it actually is and the apple cider vinegar benefits that you didn’t know! 

What exactly is Apple Cider Vinegar?

apple cider vinegar

To put it simply, apple cider vinegar (or ACV) is fermented apple juice. When apple juice is exposed to yeast, it ferments the sugars into alcohol, which then upon exposure to certain bacteria turns into acetic acid i.e vinegar. According to researchers, it is this acid that gives ACV its many beneficial properties. ACV also contains a substance called ‘ the mother’ which is made up of protein strands, good bacteria and enzymes. It has antimicrobial and antioxidant effects that are beneficial for gut health. This also lends to the cloudy appearance of cider vinegar. There are numerous health benefits of apple cider vinegar with “the mother”. Let’s understand all about it. 

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The 4 Main Health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Some studies show you can do no better than apple cider vinegar for weight loss. This phenomenon happens because apple cider vinegar increases satiety (the feeling of fullness in your body) even after consuming just a small amount of food. This in turn may lead you to consume fewer calories and thus lose weight. Along with promoting satiety, it also has been said to lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin function which combined together makes you lose weight. OZiva ACV Matcha is the best apple cider vinegar for weight loss. 

However, ACV must always be consumed in measured amounts, no more than 1-2 tablespoons and always in a diluted form, otherwise it can have harmful effects as well. Now it must be noted that just the addition of organic apple cider vinegar for weight loss to your daily diet will not cause massive results immediately. It will act as a helping hand in addition to a regular workout regime, calorie-deficit diet and other lifestyle changes. But let’s see some other uses of apple cider vinegar. 

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2. It may help lower blood sugar levels

One of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar may be the fact that it helps lower blood sugar levels by improving insulin function and thus helps manage diabetes. Keeping one’s blood sugar levels in check is good for your health even if you do not have diabetes and it is great to keep your sugar levels in mind from a young age. However, if you’re already on medication for lowering sugar levels then it’s best to consult your physician before adding this apple cider vinegar weight loss drink to your diet. 

3. Improve digestive health with best apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar can also help improve digestion. It is often acidic in nature and contains small amounts of acetic acid. This helps raise the stomach acid levels and aids digestion. To add to this further, this can help reduce gas and bloating, both of which would be caused by slow digestion.

4. Uses of apple cider vinegar for good gut health

ACV has been said to reduce bloating and may help kill harmful bacteria in the stomach or intestines promoting overall gut health. However, excessive uses of apple cider vinegar in the gut may kill the good bacteria as well. So moderation and supervised intake is key. 

There are many other uses of apple cider vinegar and benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, but we’ll save that for the next in this series. 

Conclusion on Apple Cider Vinegar benefits

apple cider vinegar

Word of mouth and indigenous knowledge may suggest countless benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar and other uses of apple cider vinegar, but there are few modern studies that conclude the same. This is why it’s important to consume it in moderation and in the right way i.e. the right measurements and the time of its consumption, which is precisely 15-20 minutes before a heavy meal.

A good way to consume this ancient tonic is  OZiva Apple Cider Vinegar Fizzy Drink Mix, which is one of the best apple cider vinegar for weight loss drinks. This unique fizzy drink contains 100% natural apple cider vinegar with zero added sugar. It improves digestive and gut health, ensures regulation of blood glucose levels and enhances healthy weight management. 

So now that you’ve read about the apple cider vinegar benefits, it’s time to say hello to weight management and great skin just like the Japanese Samurai warriors and ancient Persians did! Try out this apple cider vinegar weight loss drink that is soy-free, gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar or artificial preservatives. 

If you have any questions or doubts, then you can reach out to us via email at and we will do our best to help you. You can also become a prime member at just ₹49 and avail exclusive benefits like discounts, nutrition chatline support and more! The nutritionists can help you understand apple cider vinegar benefits and the uses of apple cider vinegar. 

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