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We do not need to tell you that your daily dose of vitamins & minerals are crucial for maintaining your overall good health. But what you probably are unaware of is how much of those vitamins & minerals that you are taking is actually getting absorbed into your body?

If you are taking regular or synthetic nutrients, chances are, not much. 

Why so? Let’s tackle this question step by step. First of all what are synthetic nutrients?

Synthetic Vitamins & Minerals
Synthetic nutrients or in this case synthetic vitamins & minerals, are created artificially through an industrial process and are made to copy the way natural nutrients act in our bodies. A majority of the nutrition supplements available today are synthetic. However, it is unclear how well they are absorbed by the bodies as they are isolated nutrients. 

When we derive nutrition from wholefoods, there are many enzymes and co-factors that go in with the main nutrient that help in breaking down, assimilation and absorption of the nutrient. In the absence of these co-factors, it is unlikely that the body is able to absorb and utilise the nutrients in the same way. 

Plant-Based Vitamins & Minerals
Enter OZiva’s plant-based vitamins & minerals. These are made from 100% natural wholefoods and have greater bioavailability which allows greater absorption in the body. They are not isolated nutrients and come with co-factors that help the vitamins & minerals break down and absorb better. Let’s see a bit in detail why these are better for you than synthetic or any regular supplements that you get in the market. 

Synthetic Vs. Plant-Based – Which Is Better?

1. Particle size: Particle size is an important factor in nutrient absorption. The particle size of natural plant-based vitamins & minerals is smaller than synthetic form hence aids better absorption.

2. Other natural food components: The food factors that influence the absorption of nutrients relate not only to the nature of the nutrients themselves, but also their interaction with each other and with the non-absorbable components of food. There are no natural food components in most synthetic vitamin formulas.
However when you take OZiva’s Vitamins & Minerals made from real food, you’re not consuming single nutrients, but rather many naturally occurring co-factors as well that allow the vitamins & minerals to be properly ingested and absorbed by the body.

3. Physicochemical form: The physicochemical form of a nutrient is a major factor in bioavailability’. Nutrients in natural foods and synthetic vitamins are not always in the same physicochemical form, unlike in plant-based vitamins & minerals, which is why they are better absorbed.

4. Non-crystalline structure: Most synthetic vitamins & minerals are crystalline in structure, while most vitamins in food are not (and are actually present in complex carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids), hence plant-based supplements have better absorption.

5. Prevention of health issues: Herbs have the potential to serve as inhibitors of mineral stone formation (urinary stones and stones in joint) and crystal accumulation in blood streams, along with reducing oxidative stress levels. 

Now that you know that plant-based vitamins & minerals are always better for you, it’s time to break-up with your regular and maybe cheaper off-the-counter stuff and switch to Bettr Vitamins & Minerals by OZiva.

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Because remember, your body and you deserve the good stuff!

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