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Protein, essentially plant protein, is a fundamental form of nutrition required for the body everyday. Protein has numerous benefits – it helps keep you fuller for longer and reduce cravings, it helps improve your metabolism, and more. You need it everyday for the body to perform essential functions. 

Nowadays, people opt for multiple ways to fulfil their daily protein requirements. The easiest, however, is the consumption of protein powder. Protein powders are an effective and healthy way to boost protein intake. Among the most popular of these protein powders is plant protein, which is protein derived from various plant sources like brown rice, quinoa or mung. 

But again, it’s important to choose your protein powders wisely.  Many protein powders available in the market, such as whey, are milk-based. Thus, they can make it difficult for people who follow a vegan diet. Hence, it’s crucial to find the right plant based protein powder if you want to proceed with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or if you simply want the nutrition that only plants can give you. 

Plant based protein powders are derived from several sources. These include brown rice, hemp, pumpkin seed, chia and flax seeds, among others. They offer an alternative to animal-based powders, such as collagen and whey. 

Benefits of Plant Protein for Fitness & Weight Loss

If you’re struggling to lose weight or improve physical fitness, consuming plant protein can prove to be beneficial. Plant protein not only benefits weight management but also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Here are other health benefits of plant protein powders: 

  • Plant Protein has More Phytonutrients as compared to Animal Protein

Phytonutrients are the major elements found in plants. It helps maintain the health and wellness of your body. The nutrients from plant sources are way easier to absorb than synthetic sources. Thus, plant protein can provide these valuable phytonutrients to your body.  

  • Quicker Muscle Repair

Amino acids are solely responsible for muscle repair. They are the smallest form of protein responsible for the formation of maximum cells and their structures. One of the major reasons to consume Plant protein powder is that they are packed with amino acids. Thus, providing quicker muscle repair and tissue growth. 

  • Quick Weight Loss Results

If you want to lose weight effectively, the Bioactive Plant Protein from OZiva will help you reach your goals better than any other protein powder available on the market. All you need is to eat fewer calories than you burn in a day to lose weight. This Plant-based protein for weight loss can provide you with the required protein intake in lesser calories. 

  • Better Immunity

Plant-based protein powder plays a crucial role in boosting immunity. It is extremely nutritious and full of fibre. Fibre helps detoxify and remove harmful substances from the body. Plus, it aids in eliminating viruses and infections. Thus, enhancing the overall immunity of an individual. 

  • More Energy

The more easily you digest the food you eat, the more energetic you feel. Plant-based protein powders are easy to digest and get absorbed in no time. Thus, they allow you to feel more energised and cheerful throughout the day. 

How to Choose the Best Plant Protein Powder

You must check all the below-listed requirements before purchasing a protein powder for better results. 

  • Quality of Ingredients: 

The most important thing you should consider while buying the best plant-based protein powder is the ingredients. You must have an idea of what you are consuming – and whether it has any harmful effects on the body. Always opt for powders with high-quality sources of plant-based protein. You may consider purchasing the OZiva Bioactive Plant Protein, which is suitable for any class category and body type. 

  • Low in added sugar: 

Consider proteins with sugar as low as possible, if you want to lose weight and gain muscle. Better opt for plant proteins with 6 grams (g) or less of added sugar per serving.

  • Amount of protein and BCAAs: 

Nowadays there are various companies which claim to provide 20-26 grams of protein in the serving. Scientifically speaking, it’s impossible. Thus, choose your products wisely. Opt for a trusted brand for the best protein powder like OZiva

  • Must choose an expert-recommended product: 

The protein powder that you opt for should be recommended and reviewed by registered dietitians.

  • Price and Customer Reviews

Check the customer’s reviews and ratings before purchasing a protein powder.

Importance of consuming a “complete” plant protein

If you want to cater to your daily protein requirements or lose weight, plant-based protein powders can be your best friend. The OZiva Bioactive Plant Protein powder is the best plant protein powder in India. It offers tons of health benefits. Rich in Vitamin B-12 and iron, the OZiva plant protein powder provides better muscle growth and boosts optimal endurance. 

It comes with no harmful ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners, sugar, gluten, soy, et al. Composed of a vegan protein blend, it is the best plant-based protein for weight loss as well. Plus, it has an Advanced Recovery Formula, which helps in better muscle and pain recovery. 

Read more on Bioactive plant protein here. 



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