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Functional Fitness

You must have heard this word many times these days. It seems to be a Fitness buzzword. Let’s see what it really means. Functional Fitness is about training your body to handle real life situations.

Training your body for the basic to complex movements and adapting to them without injuries. Here your muscles work in integration rather than isolation. Weight training in the gym falls under muscle isolation category.

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Functional fitness puts more emphasis on multi joint & multi exercise training with multiple range of motion. Combination of exercises such as Running, Jumping, Pushing, Pulling, Squatting, Lifting, are performed only with your own body weight. No equipments required. Body weight can be incredibly effective and one can add few free weights or props to spice it up. It improves overall fitness by working on cardiovascular strength, muscle endurance, balance, coordination & flexibility.

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Focus here is on building a strong core. Which is the center point of the body which comprises of abdominal muscles, obliques, back and hip muscles. Strong Core leads to better balance. Let’s see how it helps in day to day life. If you tumble, trip or fall, Core is the one does all the balance and stabilizes body. Functional Fitness helps you prepare your body for that unexpected fall. Sitting for long hours in office chair or long flights gives people back pain. The root cause is Weak Core. I have seen people getting a catch in the back while getting out of the bed, playing with their kids, running around the house cleaning or sometimes carrying grocery bags in the mall. the key thing here is to strengthen the supporting muscles around the joints. That happens with doing basic stuff in effective way focusing on the correct postures and form. Regular regime of doing functional exercises with right intensity and correct form improves your Functional Fitness.

Do short workout combining different moves like push ups, press, planks, squats, lunges, jumps along with running, walking, jogging. Do these moves for 45 sec followed by 10-15 sec rest. A short 10 min circuit will burn more calories effectively leading to fat loss and muscle gain. So what are you waiting for? Get Functionally Fit by working out only 10 min. a day!!


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