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For most, weekend identifies with a more laid-back approach towards workouts and diet with cheat meals and a good splurge on alcohol-at times in excess. You might even be in the habit of counting the calories from your favourite drink.

Unlike the macronutrients, carbs, protein and fat, alcohol supplies “empty calories” which means calories without any significant nutrition; to make it worse,  when combined taken in combination along with other macros it leads to further storage of fat.

Here are the guidelines that allow you to have your drink and fit into your favourite pair of jeans too.

1.      Always eat well before you drink

Avoid skipping food and having drinks in place of it in a bid to avoid “calorie overload”. The best move is to plan your eat-and-drink night beforehand. Nibble on foods that provide long-lasting satiety and energy-something packed with fiber, protein and healthy fat. This stabilizes your appetite without hitting your metabolism.

 2.      Some drinks can make you binge eat

When it comes to choosing your drink, stick to simpler drinks. The sweet and fancy ones are not only appealing but also carry a great load of sugar in them that can end up making you hungrier. Drinks to avoid are: Beer, cocktails, wine and especially the ones mixed with sugar based soda or Coke.


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3.      Limit the drinks

The most commonly believed myth amongst many is you can avoid drinking all weeklong and drink up to make up for the week in one night. This is the biggest mistake one can do as the effect of excess alcohol in such a scenario is greater as compared to one drink per day.

By your 3rd drink, your body already is loaded with calories to process before it can metabolize any of the food you eat. That is why, it is ideal that you limit your drinks to 2 at max.

 4.     How to avoid hangover get in the way of your healthy eating regime

To avoid sinful, greasy cravings for fatty and sweet foods the next morning, make sure you follow each of your drink with a tall glass of water. Again, at bedtime drink up some H2O with a good fiber packed sandwich or a small bowl of oats. The fiber will keep your stomach full and happy, lowering the chances of hunger in the morning.


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