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The funny and amazing thing, both at once, about the human body is its ability to adapt to any given situation. Even after years of having abused the body with the wrong kinds of foods and a faulty lifestyle, if you put your mind to shedding off those stubborn kilos-you will be rewarded with a dream transformation! All it takes is 3 Ds- Determination, Discipline and Dedication.

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Eat small meals
It is never about eating less. It more about eating better and eating mindfully- including more nutrient dense foods and avoiding the empty calories from the likes of sugary foods.
Spread out your eating pattern throughout the day-the idea is to avoid giving space for any long gaps in between your main meals. When there are longer gaps, the body kicks into ‘starvation’ mode and your metabolic rate lowers in a bid to save the energy stores. In the end, you end up burning lesser energy and burning fewer calories as your body starts burning muscle for energy and your fat remains as it is.
You can break the long intervals between your 3 main meals by munching on something like a salad or a few nuts to keep you from starving until the next meal.

More power to Protein
The body needs protein to build and maintain lean muscle. It also helps in taking your metabolism and fat burning ability higher. Several studies support the claim that more protein intake helps in burning body fat by increasing the metabolic rate and thus helping your cut down your body fat% and replace it with lean muscle mass.
Go for the quality than the quantity of protein in your diets. Choose best sources of protein and pair it up with the right kind of carbs and good fats for a better you.

Go easy on Carbs
While the internet it abuzz with anti and pro low-carb supporters, the important point that remains is- reducing and watching out for the carbohydrate type that you consume.
The ones that you should be in favour of are-complex carbs (found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat, millets, oats and their unrefined products.)
And the ones that you need to be avoiding are-simple or refined carbs (found in juices, High Fructose Corn Syrups, Sugar, White bread or white rice.)
Try to make the most of carbohydrates during the daytime and around your workout time since you are most active then and the body would be able to utilize the energy well.

Get your beauty sleep right
As per a study conducted in Finland, it was concluded that those who slept late or slept less were more likely to be under stress and are more prone to accumulating visceral fat as compared to those who sleep earlier.
Getting too little sleep also dramatically decreases the sensitivity of your insulin receptors, which will raise your insulin levels. This too is a surefire way to gain weight, as the insulin will seriously impair your body’s ability to burn and digest fat. Getting proper sleep of at least 7-8 hours is crucial for maintaining a healthful weight status.

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Working it out loud!
While it is great to watch out what goes into your mouth, it is also necessary that you make good use of what you eat- Workout. Sweat it out. Be more active and burn fat better!
Today’s fast paced life becomes too chaotic to single out time for dedicated workouts. To every man and woman who complains of lack of time for quality workouts, there is a word of relief- HIIT or popularly known as High Intensity Interval Training. This refers to alternating short periods of high intensity exercises with brief rest periods.

Why you should go for it? Better results in lesser time.
Pick your time, your venue and your convenience for exercise and be fit.




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