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If you come across anyone who promises you reduction of breast size in 7 days, please be aware that they are lying. Unless they are suggesting a surgical intervention there is no way to reduce breast size in 7 days. Now that we have this myth busted, let us understand the science behind breast size and how it can be reduced naturally (if at all you feel the need for it). 

Size of the breast depends on various factors and is highly controlled by genetics as well. It is made up of fatty tissues and glandular tissues (responsible for producing milk). Every woman is unique and her body is different. And hence breast size varies in each woman and continues to change throughout her life. 

Breast growth depends on many factors like change in hormones like estrogen, certain phases like pregnancy and breastfeeding, or rapid weight gain which may be due to lifestyle choices or food habits. Sometimes the cause roots back to heredity and genes, or could be a result of some medicines and drugs therapy. 

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How to Reduce Breast Size With Exercise & Diet 

Every woman is beautiful irrespective of their breast size. However, bigger bust size has been a cause of concern for many women- some are worried about the way they look while others are suffering from certain health issues due to the bust size (neck, back pain). 

Breast is made of fatty tissues and hence reducing the fat percentage in the body can definitely help reduce breast size in the most natural manner. Consume a high protein diet and cut down on processed and deep fried items that are high in fat. Ensure you are eating a lot of whole foods and vegetables daily. Include foods like ginger, flax seeds, green tea, fenugreek and protein rich foods which aid in burning excess fat from your body, by enhancing the body’s metabolism. 

Exercise is as important as diet if you are looking to reduce breast size at home. Regular exercise can help strengthen and tone the muscles beneath the fatty tissues of the breast making it an ideal option for women who are looking to reduce breast size. 

There are various exercises that target the chest muscles. If you consistently perform these exercises and combine it with a clean and balanced diet, you can tone your chest muscles and thus your breasts as well.


Push Ups – Keep your arms shoulder width apart and bend your elbows and go down, you can do it standing against the wall to begin with. This works on your chest muscles and helps work against the deposited fat on your upper body.  Do 10-15 repetitions. 


Chest Press -Use a 1-2 kg dumbell or 1 lit. water bottle. Lie down on the floor and push your elbows up. Squeeze your chest muscles. This exercise also helps to work on excess fat around the chest area. Do 10-15 repetitions.

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Chest Open Jacks – A dynamic cardio exercise like chest open jacks are very effective in working on chest muscles and cardio activity helps in fat reduction. Do 2-3 mins of this with increasing intensity. 


 Dual Arm Fly -Another very effective  free weight exercise you can do is Dual Arm Fly. Hold weights in both the hands and perform the fly movement. This effectively works on the upper chest and helps in reducing excess fat. 


You can perform 2 sets and gradually increase it to 3-4 sets.  In addition to the exercises mentioned, also pack in 30 minutes of cardio to help burn fat in the body. Opt for low-impact cardio exercises on equipment like working on a stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical trainer combined with body weight strength training or free weights for 30 minutes, at least 5 days a week.

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Always remember that you and your body are unique. Irrespective of the breast size. It is just a part of the body and you should focus on keeping yourself holistically healthy by eating clean and plant based, working out regularly and managing your stress levels. 

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