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Detox liquid. Detox water. Detox tea. Detox brew. The names are plenty that the internet is stocked well with. It is no royal secret that these detox fluids claim to have multiple health benefits, right from ‘cleansing’ your body from within, giving you shiny skin and shinier hair.

 But, it all squares in on the same question that surface with every new fad in the health and wellness world: How effective all of it really is? Let’s find out ahead!

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What’s the hype about?
“Detox” is unquestionably a very widely used buzzword in today’s date. The whole idea revolves around
 the suggestion that we need to help our body cleanse itself of the “toxic waste” from time to time to stay healthy and young. To be precise, we may find it a necessity upon ourselves to detox after periods of over-indulgence, for example during festivals or parties.
Detox diets usually are one day-to- one month long, depending on person to person and usually involve:
Short period fasts
Intake of only fruits and vegetables
Complete restriction of dairy and gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc)
Avoiding caffeine and alcohol
Detox practices are promoted on countless websites and endorsed by a host of celebrities. However, to burst the bubble, there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of detox diets.

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Debunking the myths
If the human body really held on to the toxins it would make us ill. The concept of detoxing lacks scientific evidence and encourages wrong ways to lose weight that would cause the body to undergo periods of starvation and thereby, leading to accumulation of the actual toxins- ketones. This can result in feeling queasy, dehydration, moodiness and fatigue. To add to that, the lack of protein for longer can cause your body to breakdown its own muscles and use it for energy purpose thereby bringing your immunity low. Going after colon cleanses is the most ridiculous idea to come up with! The colon houses healthy microbes that are our bodies’ friends. Upsetting the microbial wave can open the doorway to hostn of diseases.
Fact of the matter
Fasting or restriction food limits the total energy intake and prevents your body from meeting the nutrient requirements for the day, which is a necessity for overall wellbeing. Our body is well designed to detox itself on a daily basis. The liver is the master cleanser of our body. Anything taken in is broken down and made to pass through liver, which synthesizes and solubilizes it and the harmful toxins are passed out through sweat or excreted from the body.
What you really need to know
If you want to maintain yourself in the best way possible, then the best approach is a balanced diet with 3-4 portions of different fruit and veggies a day, banking on a lot of wholegrain cereals, lean protein (fish and meat) and moderate amounts of dairy products. To lose weight, focus on practicing portion control coupled with regular exercises.
The concept of detox is more of a marketing gimmick than a nutritional genuineness. Unfortunately, several high claims made by detox promotes are but, exaggeration. It is best to hold on the science-based, sensible quality advice that you will get from healthcare professionals.


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