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Once you have set off on a committed regime to lose weight, attending parties while watching your weight can add to the dilemma especially if you love to eat but want to watch your weight as well.

Parties can leave a big dent on your efforts towards keeping it hale and hearty; here are some hacks that you can use to prevent a party from affecting your healthy eating patterns.

Indulging before you get there

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While you know it might be impossible to not indulge with the food at the party, it would help much to give into your cravings by partly shrinking your appetite before you are even there. Have a healthy snack like a small portion of a protein bar or a Protein shake or a bowl of salad on the way to the venue. A partly satisfied hunger a will ensure that you do not give into cravings or end up overeating.

Drinking responsibly

At any party, one thing that constantly flows in along with music is-Drinks. Whether alcohol based or laden with sugar; It becomes hard to tell if you’ve had a few too many while mixing with people.

Since everyone else will likely be checking their phone every thirty seconds or so, using yours to make a note of every drink that you’ve had, will help you keep a tab. Or the best trick is- switch to water after your second serving.

Eat clean

It is usually difficult to find healthy alternatives at a party spread; however, since you will have partially curbed your hunger before coming to the party, it will help you to eat lighter. Opt for the healthiest versions from the food available and be conscious about portioning your meal. Choose smaller plates or bowls, keep a track of the servings you take and if available, make the most of the salad!

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Ending it on sweet note

If you have a habit of eating dessert after a meal, consider an alternative such as fruit and dark chocolate, rather than a sugar and fat loaded pastry. Don’t forget that moderation is the key and the way you eat is also important. Many people put an entire piece of dessert in their mouths and reach out for another serving, which can get pretty unreasonable! The right way to eat your dessert is to break it into smaller pieces, take smaller bites, chew well and enjoy it. This will help you limit the intake of sugar, fat or both!

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