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Body composition refers to the components that your body is made up of – skeleton, muscles, fat, water and several other more minor components in your body that may vary person to person. It is important to understand how the body’s components can be differently identified and taken into account prior to treading on a Weight Loss Quest.

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The most relating model of determining body composition splits the body into:

  • Fat mass: This refers to all the fat mass in the body.
  • Fat-free mass (FFM): This refers to everything other than fat- muscles, skeleton, organs, etc.


This kind of a model allows you to evaluate what happens to your body when you eat correctly and workout. For example: If you have noticed no loss of weight but checked the body composition and you find out that your fat% has gone lower then it will have been a successful fat loss. However, when trying to lose weight the common mistake most might end up doing is counting and restricting caloric intake or eating lesser protein or doing too much cardio all of which could end up in loss of fat free mass as well.


Not all fat is bad. Our body requires essential amounts of fat which serves as an important metabolic fuel for energy production and supporting other body functions.



How to improve your metabolism

As you age, the body’s metabolism ages too (in simple words – decreases). And that is why we hear as people age, their ability to lose fat faster also slows down. This is also co-related to the fat mass gain that happens with age. As a person ages, with less of physical activity there is a steady increase in the fat mass, decrease in the muscle mass and the metabolism slows down.

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Here are some life hacks that could save you from mid-life weight gain crisis

Improve Your Muscle Mass

Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissues and increasing muscle mass will boost your metabolism and help in fat loss. Aim to do muscle-strengthening activities like- Yoga, Bodyweight Training, Lifting weight and High Intensity Bouts on two or more days a week

Eat right

Eat well to burn more. When you eat lesser in a bid to lose weight, than what is needed for basic body functions, it puts a brake on your metabolism and also stars burning muscle tissue for energy. Eating breakfast jump-starts the metabolism and keeps you away from cravings and fatigue throughout the day.

Protein & Fiber are the must-haves on your plate if you want to improve your metabolism. According to research, fiber can boost your fat burn as far as 30%. Couple this with good quality proteins and plenty of water per day to work your way to the top of your health!

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