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Proteins present in different foods vary in their nutritional quality because of their amino acid composition. In judging the adequacy of dietary proteins to meet the human needs, not only the quantity but the nutritional quality of the dietary proteins also matters. 

Whey, being one of the first-class proteins, is not necessarily just the fuel for those with enormous muscles. 
Read on for some other added health benefits that whey lends in addition to muscle building:
1. Burns Fat and Preserves Muscles
If you are following good quality workouts and a diet that is complete with lean proteins, fibre filled and contains a good amount of greens and fruits coupled with complex carbs and you still fail to observe any significant difference- perhaps you are in need of whey support. As per studies done to observe the effects of whey it was found, whey not only help in losing fat but also helps in preserving the muscles with its quick post-workout recovery property. 

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2. Suppresses Appetite
Whey can be your go-to option while it reduces hunger pangs and helps you avoid going down the ever-growing belly phase. What it does to help is to significantly alter the release of ghrelin (hunger stimulation hormone) up until a good 4 hours. Whey protein appears to be more satiating compared to other types of protein, like casein and soy. Next time you have an urge to snack, feel free to reach out to that class of protein shake or a whey bar.
3. Boost Immunity
Antioxidants are substances that fight against the action of free radical, thereby preventing the body form oxidative stress and cutting the risk of several chronic diseases. Glutathione is one of the body’s most important antioxidants that depends on the supply of essential amino acids, which could be of limited supply at times. And for this particular reason, foods with a complete amino acid profile, like Whey help in promoting body’s natural defense system.
4. Reduces inflammation
Inflammation is the body’s response to mark tissue damage, which when induced for short-terms like workout sessions, is beneficial but stands a chance to become chronic in certain situations, for example a muscle injury.  Inflammation for long term can be harmful and chronic inflammation could reflect any underlying health problems or a faulty lifestyle. A large review study has found that, high doses of whey protein significantly reduce C-reactive protein in the body which is a marker for inflammation. Thus, signifying that whey can reduce post-workout muscle soreness as well as quicken the recovery period.

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