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There are several myths and innumerable suggestions all over the internet that can baffle any one, let alone a person who is determined to cross any path to achieve his or her target weight. However, in the process, people step into pitfalls that end up sabotaging their efforts to get healthy, altogether. 

Start your weight loss journey aware of these commonly made mistakes and you will be at a safer distance from lapsing into a trip of errors. 

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1. Rushing On A Crash Diet Course
What people blinded by the urgent need to reach target weight loss, fail to see is- the crash diet is something that will only bring a temporary change and hence will show quicker results. But once you are back to your regular meal pattern after achieving a drop in the weight, it will all come rushing back – that too with twice the speed and amount.
2. Skipping Meals, Skipping Goals
Going by a majority of research findings, breakfast skippers tend to put on more weight as compared to breakfast eaters. There is a misconception that skipping any meal saves calories. The truth is that most people who eat fewer than three meals usually end up eating more calories during the course of the day. If you cannot find the time for a proper meal at anytime of the day, it is better to opt for the likes of a meal replacement shake than skipping it altogether, which would serve as a quick meal and save you the hassle of preparing and eating a meal. 
3. Oversized Portioning
It is very important that you don’t starve yourself when trying to lose weight. But that also calls in for a more structured way of monitoring how much of what do you actually eat. One of the most common beliefs among the masses is, when you are avoiding eating starchy cereals like rice, you can instead have more numbers of bread loaves or rotis. Thinking that replacing rice with bread or rotis is better is what will cause trouble later. Instead, opt for having sumptuous amounts of salads before starting the main meal. Divide the meals into balanced portions of proteins, complex carbs and fiber. Use smaller plates and bowls and keep a track of the number of servings you take.

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4. Why Only Diet Is Not The Solution.
Most people, especially those who are pressed for time, believe only diet adjustments will help them achieve weight loss. However, what many fail to understand is that, along with eating right it is equally important to move more physical activity.  Achieving weight loss is a 30-70 deal with physical activity and eating right, both playing important part. For those who cannot find much time to spare for workouts at gym, try some very basic things – taking stairs rather than elevator at office or at home, standing meetings, skipping for 10 mins – 4 times a day, 
Focusing only on one aspect alone is why most attempts to achieve a target weight status, fail. Change can happen only when there is adaptation in whole which means- changing to a better lifestyle, gradually will work wonders in bringing the desired results. 

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