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Do you feel that unnecessary craving, unusual exhaustion and mood swings caving in? You are not eating too much but still unable to get rid of that fat on your thighs and arms?

Perhaps, you need to take a closer look at your daily protein intake.

From steady hormone functions to enzyme synthesis for various roles in the body and for great hair and skin health- everything is majorly dependent on protein. That is why it is so important to ensure that you get in your daily dose of required amounts of protein in the right quantity.

While you’ve been busy feeding your body the right kind of carbohydrates (complex carbs), healthy fat and fiber through those salads and fruit bowls, protein is equally essential for tissue growth and repair, whether you are exercising or not. Women who lift weights or engage in decent amount of workouts on a regular basis need to ensure that they get the best out of protein as it serves to enhance the muscle recovery and supports overall muscle maintenance.

However, the main problem arises with the question-How? If you are one among many of those who find it difficult to inculcate the right amount of protein in your diet because of differing dietary preferences or lack of time for healthy, balanced diet or any reason for that matter- Calm down, for we have just the right kind of solution to your dilemma.

Say hello to the women-friendly Protein & Herbs Shake- exclusively tailor made for women.

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Read on to know what Protein & Herbs shake is all about and the myriad of benefits it offers:

Whey and its benefits: Protein & Herbs for women is a product entirely made to suit women considering their role as prime homemakers with little time to spare for them. Made with a combination of class 1 type protein to give you maximum benefit, Protein & Herbs gives you up to 22 gm. of protein per scoop- that means half of your protein need per day is met through 1 serving of the shake, just like that! Protein has the ability to improve and increase the body’s metabolic rate thereby helping you cut down on body fat and lose weight in a healthy way- isn’t that a better way to cut down on your fat% than starving yourself crazy?

No only that, but it also gives you at least 6.5 gm. of BCAA for that additional help with muscle repair and maintenance.

Unique herbal blend: Packed with the choicest herbs, specific to women’s health, Protein & Herbs shake serves a multitude of added benefits, thanks to the fusion of ancient art of Ayurveda with modern science. The herbal blend includes the mix of Shatavari- true to its name; this herb has a wide array of healing powers. Shatavari nourishes the body and mind, builds immunity, and promotes longevity. Its use can actually prevent deterioration and the aging process of cells, tissues and organs. Tulsi Holy Basil known as the queen of herbs is one of the most sacred Indian herbs. Tulsi is known to have multiple benefits on the skin. It lightens scars, prevents inflammation and breakouts, adds a natural glow to the face and also tightens skin pores thus giving dust and dirt very little chance to enter the skin. Green tea extract (powerful antioxidant to aid in fat burning) and Omega 3 fatty acids (derived from plant sources, suits jains and pure vegetarians!)- are an added bonus. 


To conclude, if your goal is to tone up, gain lean body mass and drop some body fat, there’s a clear advantage in consuming the right amount of protein while engaging in a resistance-training program. With a brilliant taste that you will love, Protein & Herbs serves as an all-in-one, great everyday use product that can be used by every woman-whether working out or not, as it helps you meet your daily protein intake safely.


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Add OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake to Your Diet today to get your daily dose of health! 

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