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If you are on a weight goal oriented plan and notice yourself gaining a few kilos recently-it is important to know where your body is getting the weight from! While the most general reaction of most to weight gain is that of panic- We want you to relax.

When you weigh yourself on the scale, it will be difficult for the scale to distinguish between weight coming from muscle, water, fat or bone or internal organs. Truth be told, the weighing scale is the least reliable way of measurement to know if you weigh right for your age and height as it would take into account your total body weight. This way, you would never know if most of your weight is contributed by the fat in your body or if it is muscle weight.

To help you step over your panic mode we bring to you some useful ways that will help you know where your weight is coming from:


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Exercise– If you have been regularly practicing resistance exercises and observe a small, measured weight gain- Congratulations, you are building lean, non fat muscle mass! This is not to say that putting on muscles will necessarily bulk you up (as opposed to popular myths! Bulking needs a workout-hormone expression combo) – in fact, muscle is your hero- it improves your metabolism enabling more fat burn.

Whereas, if you see a steady weight gain but do not exercise regularly, you are more than likely to be piling on fat!

Constant weight– While you have been exercising and following a good diet regime, it is common that you see your weight is almost same. This could possibly mean glad tidings-you are losing fat and are gaining muscle mass. More energy expenditure through exercises and improvements in diet may lead you to see a substantial loss in fat which you will be able to see through inch-loss.


Do the math– Most gyms give their members the opportunity to check their body composition. Use this occasion to know where you stand with your total body structure. You can also get body composition testing machine at home and keep a tab on your weight with accurate measures by checking yourself once every month; a stable gain in muscle would give you a low fat percentage.

If you notice a decrease in your waist girth, it could point to the fact that you have lost fat as muscle is denser as compared to fat and any fat loss will be easily visible.


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