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Say No To Calorie Counting

While planning to lose weight, many people mistakenly resort to calorie counting and tracking. This strategy does not work in the long run since your body does not treat all calories in the same way.

For instance, high-quality calories, which come from foods that are rich in nutrients, like broccoli, leafy greens, avocado, nuts, chicken, eggs and lean meat, fill you up quickly and keep you fuller for longer, while also causing the release of hormones that stimulate fat burning. Similarly, your body has to work harder to break down fiber as compared to, say, processed foods.

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Therefore, focus on choosing nutrient-rich food rather than calorie counting.


Pick The Workout That You Like The Most

In matters of exercise, a lot of people waste their time in trying to imitate others or follow a trend. Is running the best workout for me or is yoga? Should I do weights or Pilates? The simple answer is this: do what you enjoy the most. That’s the only way to get the best results!


Focus On Building Habits

This might be difficult, but it’s also the most sustainable. Instead of setting your goal to losing weight, set a goal to make a small daily change in your lifestyle. Whether it’s walking for 20 minutes a day or drinking a protein shake every morning, pick one thing and nail it, before moving on to another.

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Go The Bot Way!    

How often does it happen that you want to reach a certain weight or be healthy or bring your fitness goals back on track, but you don’t know how to go about it? Fret not! Technology is so advanced today that a chatbot on your smartphone can actually recommend the best diet and workout solution for you. With fitness apps & bots like ours, which have the added advantage of human expertise, you can be online and get the best fitness advice on the go. 


A Protein Shake A Day Keeps The Fat Away!

Our data shows that almost 80 per cent of people, an alarming majority, fail to meet their daily need for protein. In some cases this protein deficiency rate goes up to as high as 70 per cent. You must mindfully structure a healthy and balanced meal pattern, with the right amount of protein, fiber and good fats, which will help boost metabolism and burn fat.

Add OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake to Your Diet if your diet is lacking in proteins.



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