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Even after several food sacrifices, cutting back on calories, regular workouts and a good effort being put into a weight loss program some people seem to hit the “plateau” phase.

Read on to know how to take things further smoothly if you ever get stuck onto a plateau phase. 

Step 1: Start with the right kind of diet.

The first step to avoiding a plateau phase is to start off with the correct meal plan. You have to understand that less is not any better. Any kind of drastic restriction of calories will make your body burn fat slower as the metabolism takes a hit with decreased fuel intake. While you may be planning to follow a crash diet and double your workout time- it may lead to severe exhaustion and burnout, leaving you fatigued bingeing on foods with ridiculous cravings and hampering your overall performance. Don’t be in a hurry to reach your goals. Your body knows well to adjust and adapt to change so allow it the time to make the necessary adjustment. 


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Step2: Add calories back in gradually.

Once you have devised ideal diet plans, taking in so many calories per day, how do you work ahead from that to avoid plateau? Instead of cutting down on your food by chalking out food groups on whole, try and include nutrient dense meals in your diet. Even if it means you’re taking in slightly more calories than you were previously, it would be counted as healthy. As long as your meals are high on the nutrition quotient, you are doing well.

Step3: Use small changes as your steps of motivation.

Sticking to a plan is what makes your fitness journey successful. If you feel you have not been able to adhere to your plan well, take that into consideration for that may cause you to reach your goals that much slowly. No good plan will give you instant results, but showing dedication, discipline and devotion to your fitness plans will give you changes in some form or the other and you can use them to keep you encouraged and driven throughout!


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