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Finding yourself unable to drop those pounds despite having put in your best efforts? The problem may not necessarily always be your willpower. You may be, perhaps, making simple eating errors. Here are some surprising explanations that can help you reach your goals!

Starving yourself in a bid to lose that extra kilo
Yes, agreed you need to take it easier on your caloric splurge to help you not grow width-wise. But when you cut down on your food intake drastically- then you are not only starving your body of the essential nutrients but you are also not allowing you metabolic engine to set working which will end up slowing down and holding back all the energy (from fat) in the body, thinking your body is starving.
That is the reason why skipping meals or eating ridiculously small portions of food are not going to help you at all. The point to be noted here is: A proper metabolism will help you burn the fat. And to keep your metabolism engine running, you need to feed it right.


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Your relation with your diet is short-termed
This is the most important reason why diets for weight loss, especially fail. Crash or Fad diets are not sustainable for long. This is not only necessarily limited to extreme juice cleanses but also are applicable to otherwise proper eating strategies that might not always fit your lifestyle or preferences, for example, Paleo or Keto diets.
What you can do to make your diet plan work is team up with a dietitian who can guide you on the same and devise a diet plan that is practicable and allows you to follow with minimal changes overall, for the years to come.
The weight loss may not be something that you see immediately after, however it will definitely last longer as long as your diet and workouts are in place.

You are missing out on protein
So you are trying to have more of greens, complex carbs, exercising too- but can’t seem to lose weight. What could possibly be going wrong, right? While you went an extra mile ahead to get your meals more fiber-friendly, the most important ingredient for weight loss- Protein- got left out.
Protein is the most important nutrient for losing and maintaining a healthy weight. Eating 12-15% of protein (depending on your activity levels) can give your metabolism a helpful boost. Being filling in nature, protein helps you reach satiety faster and keeps mindless cravings at bay. This is in part strategized by protein effect on appetite-regulating hormones Ghrelin and leptin among others.


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