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It is not very uncommon for people to say that their waistline refuses to shrink despite them sticking to three healthy main meals per day. When your main meals are in place and healthy too, it should bring the results, right?

Wrong. What does not get counted is the numerous amount of snacking that happens in between meals, or while you are travelling or perhaps you feel like munching on something while reading a good book. How often do you really pay attention to the nutritional quotient of munchies you snack on?

We bring to your rescue the top healthiest snack foods that you can munch on guilt-free:

1. Go nuts over nuts!

Nuts like peanuts, cashews and almonds make for a crunchy way to add more protein, fiber and energy to your mid-day woes. The tasteful crunch adds to your taste-buds’ pleasure too! Pistas have a good amount of nutrition packed in them: high on protein, MUFAs, fiber and also doubles up as a great energy booster. While walnuts add to your day a good dose of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids; they also serve as a good source of copper which is required for energy production in the body.

2. Frozen grapes

Firm, yet easy to bite, frozen grapes are the best zesty bite-sized popsicles that get better with each bite. Rich in fiber, bursting with antioxidants and flavour, these bite-sized frozen treats are the perfect way to satisfy those midday sugar cravings. Spread washed whole grapes onto a baking sheet or a big plate in a layer, freeze them for at least 4 hours and pop them into a zip-lock and you are good to go.


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3. Apricots

This stoned fruit (quite literally!) delivers a hit on multiple levels! Being low in sugar, ripe apricots can serve as a good snack option.  The fruit is rich in fiber, the fleshy orange part is a storehouse for beta-carotene, which has been linked to improved brain functioning. It can be enjoyed as a ripe fruit, added to a salad, your daily bowl of oatmeal, or can relished upon as an out of hand dried fruit.


4. Dark beauty

If you are feel like munching on an indulgent snack then all you need to think is- Chocolate!

The dark variety, (with at least 60 % cocoa) has been associated with lowered risks of heart disease low, body fat% and better skin tone as well! The plentiful polyphenols found in the benevolent cocoa are only more helpful to the metabolism. Limit to only 1-2 medium squares of dark chocolate a day instead of sugar laden milk chocolates and it will work wonders for you!


5. Protein Smoothies

Nothing works quite like protein shake when it comes to meeting the demand for instant hunger relief, flavourful nutrient rich drink. If you want a quick shot of protein you can blend OZiva- Protein & Herbs Shake, chill it to perfection and carry it in your OZiva shaker/ storage bottle. Complete with whey protein and delightfully rich chocolate flavour, it gives 31 gm per 300 ml smoothie, it is the best thing to have handy when running low on time or in need of a more convenient way to lose those untimely hunger pangs. 

Grab your OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake now and be a better you!

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