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It is no secret that no matter how particular we try to be with our foods and overall fitness, there are times that our chaotic schedule will disrupt our routines and schedules once in every few days. Wondering what to do in similar situation? You can heave a sigh of relief because we bring to you the 3 must-have supplements that you will thank the higher power for having by your kitchen counter!

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Getting the nutrients you need in just the right amounts may seem like challenging task but it doesn’t have to be one, necessarily. Read on to know how:

  • Fiber:

As per RDA, the minimum requirement for fiber is between 25-40 gm. per day for adults. Sufficient amount of fiber helps in regulating bowel health supports regular bowel movement and has a big role in promoting satiety and fat loss.

Although it is always better to include wholesome foods to increase the fiber intake but keeping a powdered form of fiber handy is a great idea. You can add it to smoothies, soups, dals-what not to change the nutrient quotient of the meal. Fiber takes longer to get digested and thereby increases your satiety levels, and promotes a normalcy in your blood sugar levels!

  • Omega-3 fatty acids:

You might know several benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and if you are not a great fan of the fish oil capsules, you might as well invest in liquid omega 3 oil. With omega 3 oils at hand, you will still be able to extract the benefits of the amazingly healthful oil. This is not only helpful to those who can have fish oils but also makes matter more easier for vegans and vegetarians not in the habit of eating fish oil capsules.

There are many varieties available: whether it is derived from fish, or flax or walnuts- keep a bottle of Omega 3 rich oil nearby and add it to your daily salads, soups, cakes or dals.

  • Whey Protein powder:

This amazing class-1 protein is a rapidly digesting source of the best quality protein.  Whey Protein can easily be included in any number of dishes that you wish to include them into.  The complete protein-Whey- can be used to make into your favourite versions of guilt-free healthful beverages, soups, desserts or any protein rich treats.  

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