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Many would blame their genes for that additional fat adage to their bellies or the sluggish metabolic rate. And there are some who are stuck with their weight no matter how much harder they workout as compared to someone who finds it easier to shed those kilos.

To bridge the gap between your hard work and toil and the seemingly far away weight goals; we bring to you a step by step guide list of top 3 foods that could act similar to the way a thermogenic effect works on the body- by ramping up your metabolism.

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1. Green Tea

Originally from China, this wonder beverage has been gaining more and more popularity worldwide, over the years owing to its beneficial properties. Green tea is known to be packed with the antioxidants like polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

As per studies, it has been concluded by researchers that those who drink a combination of caffeine and green tea extract (EGCG) burn more calories as compared those who only consume caffeine.

 2.  Whey Protein

Whey, being one of the first-class proteins, is not only limited to those with huge muscles. The major benefits of whey include- its fat burning property, helps build lean muscle tissue, while working as an antioxidant and an inflammatory by boosting immunity and reducing post workout soreness.

Comparative studies which compared the effects of whey to other forms of protein have found that whey is one of the best quality proteins which contains the complete amino acid profile thus, making Whey the best nutrient source for optimal performance as well as in maintain optimal health, overall.  

3.  Water

Almost 2/3 of our body accounts for weight from water, and that is why water is an essential component that our bodies need to function optimally. When deprived of adequate amount of water, the body tends to slow down all of its metabolic processes.

Water is a pure source, without any additional chemicals or unnatural additives and a sufficient supply of water (up to 2-3 liters) per day works to increase overall energy, improves physical and mental performance, helps in the removal of toxins from the body giving you a more healthy and glowing skin tone, helps you lose weight by improving your metabolism, keeps all the tissues hydrated thereby preventing headaches. To add to that, water aids in smooth digestion and prevents the build-up of acid in the body.

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The very basic but powerful components of our food often get ignored in a bid to trying everything out to reach fitness goals. You can start with these to get your metabolism on track and once you have achieved that, regular workouts and healthy and clean eating will work wonders for your body and overall health! 

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