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These days, it is not hard to find that there is an increased awareness about the intake of protein-one of the most essential macronutrient that also serves as a building block for several bodily functions.

Just a walk around a grocery store will bring to your notice several food products claiming to be enriched with protein or packed with protein of different varieties-whey, soy, milk. It all boils down to emphasizing the macronutrient Protein.

Although the best way to get your nutrients right and in the required amount is to get it from the plat, it is not easy to meet all of your protein demands through food alone. Especially in times like today’s when you are surrounded by a chaotic and hectic work-life schedule and as much as you want to, can barely focus on eating right. This is exactly where Protein shakes come to your rescue!

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Debunking the myths that have placed protein shakes under the scanner; we bring to you the benefits that you get with protein shakes. Read on to know more!

  • Building lean muscle mass

If you are working out well, sleeping well and following a diet that is complete with fiber and lean protein, yet are unable to see the desired changes in your weight status-Whey can be your savior!

Retaining muscle mass and getting an adequate amount of protein becomes particularly important for women as they age and their risks of osteoporosis and joint problems increase. If you strength train on a regular basis, it is essential that you cater to the protein requirements, properly.

  • Nutritional Benefits

Whey protein can easily be touted as a favourite among those looking to build muscles or tone their bodies as well as improve overall health. Whey being a complete protein has a very high biological value, meaning it contains all the essential and nonessential amino acids and is known to have the highest BCAA content in nature.

  • Burns fat & improves metabolism

Protein has the ability to improve and increase the body’s metabolic rate thereby helping you cut down on body fat and lose weight in a healthy way. As per the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, high quality proteins, such as whey, are better at maintaining satiety than carbohydrate or fat and play an important role in improving the body’s metabolism. That is to say, instead of starving yourself by cutting down on your diet severely, get more and better sources of protein in your diet to lose more fat.

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  • Improves muscle size and strength

Protein shakes containing whey boost protein synthesis efficiently, owing to its rich BCAA content. Whey also improves the blood flow to the muscles, thereby enhancing the nutrient supply and supporting muscle recovery and growth. 

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