Benefits Of Tulsi, The Miraculous Herb

Tulsi, holy basil

Holy basil, or Ocimum tenuiflorum, more commonly known as tulsi, is a plant native to India but also found in Southeast Asia. For a long time, tulsi has been cultivated for religious and medical purposes. It is also cultivated for its essential oil which is often used in ayurveda. Tulsi is also used in ayurveda to cure many diseases.

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Indian Mom Shares Lifestyle Tips To Stay Fit

Did you ever get so busy in life taking care of others that you forgot about yourself? Having responsibilities might burden your shoulders but don’t let that burden stop you from taking care of your health. We often see that people who are immensely busy don’t get time to eat proper meals. Instead they rely on fast food and junk food to help them get through the day. These kind of foods are harmful as they contain higher amounts of unwanted nutrients like salt, fat, various additives and may contain harmful bacteria. They barely provide any nutrition and mostly lead to weight gain.

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5 Indian Salad Recipes Rich In Protein

Chickpea Salad

Meeting everyday protein requirement can be quiet challenging, especially for vegetarians, but these 5 salad recipes will help you meet your daily protein intake. They are not only rich in protein but also high in fiber and provide numerous benefits. They are perfect for lunch or dinner, super easy and to make and will keep you full for hours.

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This Power Couple’s Workout Routine Will Motivate You!

Love, as a word is often misunderstood and mostly under-utilized. But when you consider the full spectrum of actions, words, or gestures that can express love – the most powerful one is bringing out the best in someone, helping them be a better version of themselves every day. Small supportive gestures can end up going a long way in changing someone’s life.

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5 Hair Care Tips For Long Gorgeous Hair By Gaganpreet Anand

Getting ready for the day is not a simple job. The first task comes with selecting an outfit that looks good when put together by selecting the right clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. It is then followed by styling up your hair or putting on makeup. Making hair would not take long if it is smooth and silky, but if it’s frizzy then it gets difficult to tame it in time.

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Makeup Artist Shares Her Morning Routine For A Healthier Life!

Makeup is magic and makeup artists are magicians. With just a few brush strokes and hair dos, they transform everyone to look beautiful and enchanting. These makeup artists are best in extracting everyone’s inner beauty for the world to admire. But have you ever wondered what these makeup artists do to increase their own inner beauty?

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Best Health Tips To Stay Fit In College! Do It As Shakshi Does

Being a student is not easy. Apart from heavy books, difficult studies, exams, cold meals and sleep deprivation, there is also a lot of peer pressure involved- from parents, classmates, teachers and friends. In all this mess, no student can find time to exercise or even go for a walk. There is hardly any time to eat proper meals because of college and classes. Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Continue reading “Best Health Tips To Stay Fit In College! Do It As Shakshi Does”

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